Boland School For Autism Our youngest child Benji Adonis has been diagnosed with Autism on 12 May 2021. He was then referred by the specialist to Boland School for Autism. We immediately made an appointment with the school principal Ingrid du Toit who interviewed us who were at that time “scared” parents and did not know what to expect. Benji were to attend a 2-week trial period whereby he was assessed and evaluate to see if he can successfully adapt, little did we know that this was only the 1st step towards a better future and relationship between the school, our son and us. Boland School For Autism was not only a day-to-day care facility, but it came with a full package, it came with value added benefits. We benefitted the past 2 years from the highly skilled teachers who my son totally trusted, adores, and utilized the value-added services of the speech therapy, and occupational therapy offered by the school (at affordable rates). Every week he is looking forward to the Kinder kinetics classes and he was being exposed to so much, these past 2 years ex: horses, music instruments, Rugga Roots, water safety awareness etc. We also noted how Boland School for Autism in conjunction with us nurtured Benji’s strong points and how he improves on his short comings. Benji is 7 years old, and he is on his way of becoming a highly intelligent, remarkable young man and we can just appreciate the role the school has contributed to this. Should you be willing to invest in your child’s future, we would highly recommend Boland School for Autism where every child is treated in his own unique way to allow him/her to grow.
Liezel Adonis
Proud parents of Benji Adonis
Daar is kinders wat aan 'n span wil behoort, maar nie gekies word nie, want dit is belangriker om te wen as om hierdie kinders in te sluit. Kinders met spesiale behoeftes is nie skaars of vreemd nie, hulle wil net hê dat almal hulle moet aanvaar. Dit is wat Boland skool vir Outisme vir ons gesin is. ‘n Plek van BEHOORT. ‘n Plek van AANVAAR. ‘n Plek waar ons nie hoef te verduidelik nie, want Juffrou verstaan. Die skool skep 'n omgewing van veiligheid en sekuriteit. Dankie dat my kind en ons as gesin by julle net kan WEES
Liezel van Niekerk


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