How can you help?

  1. Make a donation to the school by clicking here
  2. Support "We Benefit"
  3. Apply for a "My School"-card and add Boland School for Autism as the beneficiary
  4. Donate suppliesPencils, erasers, notebooks, coloring supplies, paper, magazines, toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizer, empty toilet paper rolls, bottle caps, buttons, wool etc.
  5. Any materials that you can donate from the following Wish List will be much appreciated:

School Building
We are still in die process of creating a specific, autism-friendly environment for our learners.

Any financial contributions towards the salary of BSA's teachers and assistants would be greatly appreciated! We are a registered PBO organisation and therefore your contributions are tax deductable.

We want to put artificial grass on our playground (+-20m x 8 m), panel heaters, photocopier, spandex hammock, frog swing, vacuum cleaner, air conditioning for the building.

Educational materials
Stationery - e.g. play dough, paint, printer ink, pens, etc.
Reading book series (Gr.1-7) in Afrikaans and English.

Electronic equipment
Our dream is to have an interactive white board set up in each classroom. This will help the children to learn more visually and make learning easier for them!

The Apple iPad  has amazing apps available for Autistic learners - they help with communication, social skills and have wonderful motivational software available. It would be a dream come true if a company can donate an iPad for each child (we currently have 20 enrolled learners).

Sponsor a school uniform or school fees
Not all of our children can afford their school uniforms. You can sponsor a child's summer and winter school uniform.

Any financial contribution towards needs-specific materials used to foster independence and self help skills amongst our learners are always needed.

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