Our Dream

  1. To serve the individual from early childhood through to and including adulthood.

  2. To offer basic education as well as life and job skills to prepare for adulthood.
  3. Improved individualized therapy and education aligned to each child’s unique needs.
  4. Professional support system for parents.
  5. A 24/7 facility with integrated services.
  6. A facility for individuals of all ages where they can live and learn.
  7. The best qualified staff who subscribe to our values and beliefs.
  8. The infrastructure that will support and facilitate the above.
  9. To be financially healthy but accountable.

Long Term Dream

Our dream at BSA is to own our own school building and premises, in order to provide our learners with autism-specific facilities. To build a hostel and make provision for learners who live too far to be day scholars.

Short Term Goals

  • To move to a bigger building to be able to accommodate more than 22 children.
  • To appoint more teachers and assistants to accommodate the learners at a 4:1 child :teacher ratio.
  • To provide transport for children travelling from Stellenbosch, Tulbagh, Kraaifontein, Wellington and Worcester.